We have the COVID-19 vaccine for everyone (age 5+)!

We also have the FLU and COVID BOOSTER shots available!

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At Macomb Pharmacy and Wellness, we treat everyone as  uniquely as each person is. Because of that, we are rated Macomb County’s best pharmacy.

If you’re looking for a pharmacy near me or a local drugstore in Macomb County, you’ve found it. Centrally located in Clinton Township at the corner of Metro Parkway and Gratiot Avenue, we are close to you.

Don’t feel like coming in? No worries, we offer convenient home and office delivery within Southeastern Michigan.

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Macomb County, MI Compound Pharmacy
COVID-19 Vaccines and Booster Shots in Macomb County
COVID-19 Vaccine

We have both children’s COVID-19 vaccine and adult COVID-19 vaccine available, as well as COVID booster shots.

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Workers' Compensation Meds Delivered FREE

Hurt on-the-job? Want fast access to your medications with no hassles or hoops to jump through? We’re here for you, understanding the needs of injured workers. We will deliver your meds at NO COST to YOU.

Medicare Part D

Confused? We’ll help you find the best plan for you.

Medication Therapy Management

This is a broad range of health care services provided by pharmacists.


At Macomb Pharmacy + Wellness, we are dedicated to helping patients access the medications and therapies they need in order to enjoy active and fulfilling lives.

Defend yourself. Take pride in your health. Let us be your inclusive pharmacy and build together. We are knowledgeable about the Transgender and Gender diverse community and invested in taking care of the community. We make filling any specialty prescription as easy as filling an antibiotic or Motrin.

We are here for you, dedicated to helping patients access medications and therapies necessary for active and enjoyable lives.

Flexible Spending Account

A FSA allows you to save money on health care expenses by paying with pre-tax dollars saved in a flexible spending account maintained through your employer.

Stop Smoking
Quit for Good
Stop smoking with group classes led by a trained pharmacist.
Hepatitis Medication at Macomb Pharmacy and Wellness in Macomb County, Michigan
Hepatitis Medication
Treatment for hepatitis depends on the type. We have antiviral medication such as entecavir (Baraclude), tenofovir (Viread), lamivudine (Epivir), adefovir (Hepsera) and telbivudine (Tyzeka). We also offer steroids and injectables.

Macomb Pharmacy & Wellness

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Macomb Pharmacy & Wellness is located at:

37035 South Gratiot
Clinton Township, MI

We are a family-owned business, located in Clinton Township, Michigan, within Macomb County. We’re different from the pharmacy giants because of our unique ability to build one-on-one relationships with our customers. Because of this, we can offer you the best service, great value, and experience. Several aspects set us apart:

Your Health is Our #1 Priority

Guaranteed Lowest Prices to Save You Money

Vaccines on Wheels - Certified Immunizer Comes to Your Location

FREE Delivery Anywhere in Southeast Michigan

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A Wealth of Experience To Heal and Help.

Our staff is highly trained with years of experience to ensure you the best service and assistance when you need it most. We are the "pharmacy near me" you've been searching for in Macomb County. Whether you live in Clinton Township, Mt. Clemens, Roseville, Fraser, or Harrison Township, we're conveniently located for you.

We now have COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5-15, as well as for anyone ages 12+!


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