LGBTQ+ Friendly Pharmacy

Best Pharmacy for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning Community

Defend yourself. Take pride in your health. Let us be your inclusive pharmacy and build together. We are knowledgeable about the Transgender and Gender diverse community and invested in taking care of the community. We make filling any specialty prescription as easy as filling an antibiotic or Motrin.

Why use Macomb Pharmacy + Wellness for your specialty prescriptions or needs?

  • We are an affirming, culturally sensitive pharmacy where people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions can receive the healthcare support they need.
  • Macomb Pharmacy + Wellness collaborates with Affirmations in Ferndale to support the LGBTQ+ community.
  • We have hundreds of generic and brand name medications available at prices you’ll love.
  • Prescription delivery or pharmacy pick-up.
  • Conveniently fill your prescription while you shop or automatically with our repeated refills program.
  • Receive a call, text or email when your prescription is ready, after you transfer it to us.
  • Many other local pharmacies don’t carry the  medications or injection supplies (such as needles).
  • Find your hormones, injectables, and other meds at competitive prices in-stock.

Living with HIV?

  • We are dedicated to helping patients access the medications and therapies they need in order to enjoy active and fulfilling lives.
  • As with all of our patients, we are very sensitive to privacy concerns of our HIV positive patients.
  • Our pharmacy is free from any sense of embarrassment, guilt, or even shame that you may feel at other pharmacies.
  • Fill your specialty HIV prescriptions with Macomb Pharmacy + Wellness and receive them by delivery or pick-up.

What is PrEP?

  • Short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.
  • Used by HIV-negative individuals to prevent becoming infected with HIV.
  • PrEP is a pill that can lower the risk of getting HIV by more than 99% when taken daily.
  • We proudly offer Truvada and Descovy to our patients.
  • Time-tested, safe, and effective.
  • When first starting PrEP, some patients have temporarily experienced nausea, upset stomach, loss of appetite, fatigue, or dizziness, along with other minor side effects.
  • Helps prevent HIV infection through sex and for those who inject drugs or share needles or equipment to inject drugs.
  • It is still recommended that you use condoms along with PrEP medication to prevent HIV infection through sex.
  • PrEP does not prevent or protect you from STDs.

What is PEP?

  • Short for Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.
  • Used by HIV-negative individuals or those who do not know their HIV status. 
  • Used if you think you’ve been exposed within the past 72 hours to HIV during sex, were sexually assaulted, shared needles for drug-use, or are someone who prepares drugs and may have been infected.
  • Every second counts, so the sooner you start PEP, the better.
  • PEP is not effective after the 72-hour window, and must be started within 72 hours after a possible exposure.
  • It is still recommended that you use condoms along with PEP medication to prevent HIV infection through sex.
  • PEP does not prevent or protect you from STDs.