About Us

We Are a New Kind of Pharmacy

Well, we’re a new kind of pharmacy with a healthy mix of an old-style pharmacy. We are anything but a chain pharmacy. Our pharmacists care about you rather than day-dreaming about being somewhere else. We are always here to help you and answer any questions that you may have.

We are a pharmacy started by friendly, caring pharmacists and pharmacy workers who were tired of seeing people treated like numbers. At Macomb Pharmacy + Wellness, we take pleasure in looking after people and hope to take care of you for years to come.

Focused on Caring

We believe that a pharmacy can and should be focused on caring. We work for ALL people. Patients. Doctors. Insurers. YOU. That’s why we even offer delivery to your home or office within 30 miles.

Caring Staff

At Macomb Pharmacy + Wellness, our staff truly cares about you. After many years in traditional and chain pharmacies, our staff members are familiar with the frustration patients typically face. Our team is excited to show you how we make things easier.

The Pharmacy's Future

Maybe we’re living in a dream, but we truly believe that smaller, caring pharmacies are the way of the future. By going back to what a pharmacy was intended to be, we can take better care of you.

Faster. Smarter. Kinder. Better.

Nobody wants to wait in line for the pharmacy. That’s we offer convenient delivery options. 

Nobody wants to worry about prescription refills. That’s why we track them so you don’t have to.

Nobody wants to talk to an automated phone system. That’s why we offer a variety of one-on-one communication options with our pharmacist.

Nobody wants to spend hours on the phone with a doctor’s office or insurance company. That’s we coordinate with your doctor and insurance.